Winning Streak

New Mobility, May 2002

Got a stadium you want to build? Better call Kevin McGuire. Although he’s chairman and CEO of McGuire Associates, you’ll have to go to a Padres game – or a 49ers, Eagles, Celtics, Dodgers or dozens of other pro sports venues – to see what he does.

McGuire, 40, advises stadium owners, architects and builders on ADA compliance, bringing them together with community advocates to find solutions to access problems. But he’s not an accessibility cop, and insists that he’s a consultant, not an advocate.

“You can’t play it both ways,” he says. “My fiduciary duty is to the owner.” Pause. “But that fiduciary duty is to do the right thing for people with disabilities.”

Do advocates ever see him as the bad guy?

“When we work in a new city a few people may view me with suspicion as an outsider,” he says, “but very quickly they realize that I’m their best ally for getting things done. I’m not just a hired gun for the owners.”

He knows his turf, having been a para since he was 7. After earning a law degree at Georgetown University Law Center, he reinvented himself several times – as an actor, staff assistant to Sen. Edward Kennedy and later to Representative Hamilton Fish Jr., assistant DA in the Bronx – before he started McGuire Associates in 1991.

McGuire has connected strongly with a hot market, and at press time was launching a new web site. You can find him at; 800/940-4348 or 914/536-0392.

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