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Baseball team consults expert on access issues

What’s the best way to ensure that a newly built sports venue will comply with applicable access standards? One effective measure is to retain one of the country’s top consultants on the subject. That’s exactly what major-league baseball’s Philadelphia Phillies have done with a new stadium scheduled to open in 2004. To help ensure that their new park will be fully accessible, Phillies officials retained Kevin McGuire of McGuire Associates in Newburgh, N. Y. McGuire’s firm boasts more than 40 cumulative years of disability related experience, and more than 50 years of training expertise. McGuire has 18 years of experience related to accessible design. His firm has worked on projects involving many prominent sports venues, including the First Union Center in Philadelphia, Pacific Bell Park in San Francisco and the Staples Center in Los Angeles.

“The Phillies’ new ballpark will be accessible, friendly and accommodating for every fan,” said David Montgomery, club president. “People with disabilities are a very important part of our fan base and we want to address specific design concerns and opportunities. We are creating a new experience for our fans and are working very hard to ensure a visit to the ballpark will be an enjoyable experience.”

The Phillies have also met with fans with disabilities in a attempt to ensure that the new park is fully accessible.

“It is very exciting to see this spirit of inclusiveness and attention to detail,” McGuire added. “It is a pleasure to learn that the Phillies organization is so proactive in meeting the needs of fans with disabilities.”

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