About McGuire Associates, Inc.

Proactive solutions… not reactive responses

Proactive solutions… not reactive responses – this approach to problem solving has guided Kevin McGuire’s consulting and training work over the past ten years. The challenges of assisting corporations and institutions in meeting the standards prescribed by the Americans with Disabilities Act of 1990 have required this kind of savvy, creative and knowledgeable

For over two decades, McGuire Associates, Inc. has become an acknowledged leader in this field. Working side by side with corporations, architects and planners, citizens with disabilities and government officials, the firm has assisted organizational and community stakeholders in anticipating barriers to accessibility and designing creative and cost-effective responses. View McGuire Associates, Inc. References. From stadiums to arenas, museums to libraries, public venues across the United Sates have realized the sweeping ramifications of the ADA and enlisted the services of McGuire Associates, Inc. to assist them in “doing the right thing” in response to access issues.

McGuire Associates, Inc. delivers this type of quality consulting and training by providing a broad range of
services, including:

  • Policy Development
  • Organizational Training
  • Planning/Implementation/Monitoring
  • Communication Design
  • Public Relations
  • Applications of Electronic Technology

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